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Dental Assistant

Having been with our practice since 1987, Debby’s warm and inviting smile immediately sets our patients at ease. She loves getting to know each patient, one-on-one, learning about their lives, families, and interests. She has developed close relationships with those we see and treat, over the years, and Debby is glad to spend her days working with people she cares about. As a dental assistant, Debby sits chairside with Dr. Grosshandler during procedures. She makes sure that the doctor has everything needed, but her attention is always on her patient, talking with them, keeping them updated on what the doctor is doing, and checking to make sure that they are comfortable. Away from work, Debby enjoys spending her time with her husband, two children, and the family pets.


Office Administrator

Lori says that the most rewarding aspect of working here are our patients. In this practice, our patients are always our focus and we enjoy spending time getting to know them as individuals. This results in a better patient experience and real friendships between our team members and those we care for. As our office administrator, Lori gets to know each patient, as she greets them as they arrive for their appointment, answers their phone calls, and helps them make the most of their insurance benefits. She also oversees scheduling, insurance, collections, and billing, and is cross-trained to provide chairside assistance and perform laboratory work. Lori keeps busy, whether at work or at home, where she lives with her husband of almost 30 years and a pet cockatiel. She enjoys hiking, fishing, traveling, and reading, and makes the most of time spent with friends and loved ones.


Dental Hygienist

Helping her patients attain and maintain a healthy mouth, and assisting patients overcome their dental anxieties, are Rosalie’s favorite part of her work. She has a great knack at putting even the most timid patients at ease, and provides reassurance and encouragement, delivered with a comforting smile. Rosalie’s days are spent working one-to-one with  patients, cleaning their teeth and taking dental X-rays, but the majority of her concentration is on providing patients with the information they need to develop healthy habits, make good choices, and keep their mouths healthy and looking great between cleanings. She’s been with our practice since 1978 and is now caring for the children and grandchildren of our first patients. Rosalie and her husband, Jim, have been married for 35 years and have four wonderful children who have blessed her with three marvelous grandchildren.


Dental Assistant

Karen loves it when a patient tells her that our team has created a smile for them that helps them feel good about themselves. We all feel the same way. Being able to provide dental care that truly changes a person’s life, by restoring their oral health and making their teeth look their best, we are improving their overall body health and their self-confidence. Karen is an expanded function dental assistant, which means she has a wide range of skills and duties in our practice, in addition to providing our doctor with chairside assistance while he’s treating a patient. Providing a calm, relaxing environment for our patients, and encouragement when needed, Karen is always there to ensure that a patient has a great experience while here. In 1985, Karen moved to Maryland from Pennsylvania. She and her husband Bill live on Kent Island, along with their German Shepherd, LillyBelle.

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